Privacy Policy

I take the privacy and security of both myself and all clients very seriously. To that end, it is reasonable and prudent for both prospective and existing clients to ask how I handle information I receive from them. With the exception of my mailing list which clients must sign up for, I do not retail ANY or maintain information electronic or otherwise about my clients in ANY WAY.

I receive information from clients in these four ways:

1) The encrypted "Discreet Booking Inquiry" form found under "Book Me" on this website. Information entered into this form is passed directly to my (Swiss based) Protonmail account. This information is NOT not retained by the hosting provider.

2) Protonmail -- Swiss based email that was designed from the ground up to be a security product. All e-mail sent to is automatically destroyed after seven days. Again, this process is automatic and I don't have to do anything for that data destruction to take place.

More information about Protonmail can be found here.

3) Virtual SMS -- US based virtual SMS & text service that is not tied to an actual physical phone. I purge the contents of my SMS on a regular basis, and delete all conversations following a completed screening or following my date with you.

4) E-mail list. The sign up form for my e-mail list is found at the bottom of my "Book Me" page. The only way to get on this list is for you, the client, to enter your own e-mail address, click "Sign Up" and then confirm your subscription via an automated e-mail sent to you. This e-mail list is maintained on the servers of my US based hosting provider. This information is used ONLY to send out newsletters and tour information to those who have requested it.